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New Companies

How it works

Incorporating your company in the BVI through BVI.com is very simple: We provide a standard shareholder agreement that must be signed by all perspective shareholders, together with the appointment of directors. A local corporate secretary which resides in the BVI is necessary, but will be provided through our network (of course you are free to appoint your own).

Fun Facts

For the  avoidance of doubt,  thinking  that just by incorporation in the BVI, one can avoid all income taxation, is plain and simply wrong. As the BVI is known as a low income taxation, many worldwide tax regimens simply disregard the existence of a BVI company if the beneficial owner is a tax resident somewhere. So for example if you are operating a software company with employees and offices in the New York, you cannot avoid the income taxes by registering your company in the BVI and sending your customers invoices from there.

But there are many other advantages of BVI corporations, especially when it comes to protecting and shielding your assets.

BVI.COM is not allowed to provide tax advice. We simply take care of all your needs related to incorporation. Therefore, you should consult a tax lawyer to understand any implications of doing business through a BVI company.